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The Fohner Family has teamed up with a director to produce a film about Josh's incredible road to recovery and the community he’s inspired along the way. The film will be told through the adventures, trials, and victories along the 900 mile bike ride 12 people made the summer of 2021. They will highlight the people who gave their summer, and then some, to help Josh realize his dream of riding on his adaptive bike from the site of his accident in Colorado back home to Springdale, Arkansas. This is a story of tragedy, recovery, hope, grit, the NWA cycling boom, community, sacrificial love, and overcoming adversity against all odds. Josh hasn’t spent much of his life in the wheel chair, he was an athlete on a football scholarship and almost became a Navy Seal. In 2016 Josh Fohner's life was forever changed when he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury leading him to loose function of his entire body including speech. He was in a vegetative state. When the Dr.’s suggested his parents pull the plug, they did not give up on him and now he's defying the odds with his recovery and upending beliefs in the medical community about TBI recovery. This is a story that must be told!